Take some time to look at these files. You can download them via this link (below). They are files done for a project similar to to making an Avatar layout. These files will help you understand 2 things. Firstly: how to use the layers in Illustrator; and secondly, you’ll see a style of ‘artwork’.

You should now have some skills in illustrator to start getting the ideas developed. The recommended Adobe tool for doing this is Illustrator. But of course Photoshop is also useful. But because you’ll be using Flash next semester, it’s better to start using Illustrator.


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Someone should help me make this, or make a theme with this. I imagine it sorta looking close to the tardis one, and the trunk is animated and opens when you hover. The license plate has your blog title.

Natasha and Ipad dev

Photo at LCCA


Today I had access to photo students at LCCA and thought I’d just do a simply photo document of their preparation day before their celebratory exhibition at The Grazing Fox pub, Marble Arch, London.